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Photos from the exhibition "Half the World Belongs to Us!"
(Alpha Nova & Galerie Futura Berlin, March, 2019)

Participating artists: Collective Migrantas (Germany), Collective Nosotras Proponemos (Argentina), Hersilia Alvarez (Argentina), Julie August (Germany/Argentina), Angiola Bonnani (Italy/Spain), Judith Brunner (Germany), Birgit Cauer (Germany), Katia Fouquet (Germany), Julija Goyd (Lithuania/Germany), Eliza Hatch (UK), Anna Krenz/Frauenstreik Komitee Berlin (Germany), Verena Kyselka (Germany), Regina Pedersen (Germany/Norway), Lena Szankay (Argentina/Germany), Franziska Schaum und Häppi Töle (Germany), Gisela Weimann (Germany), and Sybilla Weisweiler (Germany).

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